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A click for a kickstart (Quebec city, Canada)

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Francis gagno548

A click for a kickstart (Quebec city, Canada)

19/10/2019 at 15:53

Hi, I have been working since last february on starting a new precious plastic project in Canada. There was 3 other projects that tried in the past few years and failed as they went straight to the production without thinking too much about the business model.

We are starting a cooperative business where all workers are taking place in the decision and management process. We are young university students and professionals that want to change the world little by little. We plan to use the precious plastic model to shape our community and to raise awareness about the environmental issues. Look at our cute mascot 😉

For now, I need your help to vote for our project. We have been selected in a environmental entrepreneurship contest and we want to win the 5000$ from the Public Choice 😀

Simply follow the following link (https://novae.ca/2019/10/voici-les-10-entreprises-selectionnees-au-concours-mouvement-2020/ ) and scroll down or ctrl+f to “Pratico Plastique” then Click 😀

Thank you for your support

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11/11/2019 at 19:38

Hi! And congratulations on your new project! I gave you a vote, I hope you are successful. I’m located in Edmonton and always interested in what people are doing to provide more recycling options for plastic. All the best! Perry

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