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A Clipping Mechanism that locks modules

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Micheal Berhanu freemontmike

A Clipping Mechanism that locks modules

16/11/2017 at 13:55

Hello Everyone,

I was madly in love with the bloks idea, ever since I heard about it. It’s just amazing. I’m not sure If this issue has already been raised or not but, I don’t like the idea that the modules are easily detachable.

How about a clipping mechanism, that locks all the parts together which can only be released after unlocking your device and setting some sort of permission.Then, the clips release with the magnets still holding on, or you can cease out the magnets at all.

I’m just sayin’, I mean I don’t want someone to come and take a module or two whenever I leave my phone on my desk top or something. (Let’s leave out the people that are trying to take the whole thing 🙂 )

In addition, the clipping mechanism will help out in removing the lines that the phoneblok has, which tries to set a limit for a module or something like that, the idea that was in the first design Dave made was aesthetically beautiful. and It’ll be possible to do that, If clips are used right where we connect the modules to the boards.

Thanks 🙂

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