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A Crappy YouTube Video Sent Me Here

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Mason Mack msnmck

A Crappy YouTube Video Sent Me Here

17/04/2019 at 08:42

I decided to join the forums before it was too late.
A week or two ago I was doing my usual “sit in one spot staring blankly forward for a few hours at a time accomplishing nothing enjoyable or meaningful” thing when I came across a random video of “out of this world science discoveries” wherein one person mentioned Precious Plastic and how you can make cool stuff out of recycled waste.  Since then I’ve been on a binge of Precious Plastic and other (mostly HDPE) recycling videos, seeing all of the amazingly creative things people have done (and hilariously realizing the more I watch that all of my ideas are already in effect around the world [lol]).
I’m currently waiting on quotes for the shredder parts from the 2.1 folder, which is proving every bit as difficult as I expected given that I have no mechanical background.  Thankfully I have found two companies willing and able to try and assist me.
Well, that’s me.  I’m a bit of a pessimist but regardless of my shortcomings I’m really excited to try the things I’ve seen.  My first project is making a large canvas-style bag to keep some of the plastic I’ve started collecting.  We have always kept the plastic grocery bags in my house to reuse as trash bags and to stuff Halloween decorations, but now that I see I can make something entirely new and useful with them I have started processing the plastic for fusing.
Also I hate long monologues but I find myself writing them a lot.
Greetings from Florida.

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17/04/2019 at 22:31

welcome ! no worry, there are just a few strangers, including me, reading and reacting to this sort of posts 🙂 I am always excited to see professional/artful objects done from plastic.

I came along recently this one here and began to wonder how long it takes to make a nice, stylish, solid precious bag from plastic flakes in that style; possibly the hole day but if done right and sold to the right guy this could go out for good $$, more likely only by designers who already have their network though.

keep us posted please, especially with those monologs, I am running my own here, lol. Btw. I am having a hard time to be super sweet and nice enough, writing no critics, otherwise I have to recreate my with 8th life in this forum here 🙂

22/04/2019 at 21:44


22/04/2019 at 21:48

@xxxolivierxxx, not just you, lol. I am watching you too btw.

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