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A light from recycled plastics. Translucent?

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Wrybread wrybread

A light from recycled plastics. Translucent?

09/03/2020 at 02:18

I’m working on an art project where I’d like to make a light from some recycled plastics, ideally that we collect from the beach. Unfortunately our beaches have lots of discarded plastic available…

Most of the plastic is PET (water bottles, etc) and some is HDPE. I’m new to plastics and have been going through Dave’s *excellent* YouTube videos to learn the basics, but it looks like HDPE is much easier to work with but is opaque? Is there a way to make it translucent? Maybe some bottles are?

Or is there a way to press PET(E) plastic? Eventually I’ll be making a 3 inch (75mm) wide by 13 inch (330mm) bar of recycled plastic with some LEDs behind it, and I’d love as much light to pass through as possible, though with a little diffusion.

And I’m guessing I can’t mix the two?

Does anyone happen to have some project guidance?

And thank you for the great resources!

Now back to your YouTube vids…

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09/03/2020 at 18:45

I found this excellent tutorial of yours on making light bars from polystyrene (PS aka #6):


Great work as usual.

I’m wondering if I can mix some plastic bottles (PET) in with a predominantly PS mixture? Maybe if I super carefully regulate the temperature?

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