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AC 220V Single Phase Speed Controller Arduino

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Patrick Wensel patrickwensel

AC 220V Single Phase Speed Controller Arduino

07/02/2018 at 11:52

I have a 220V AC single phase 2 hp motor. I am looking for a speed controller design using arduino. I have seen different things around but never anything matching this exactly?

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25/03/2019 at 17:01

What type of sensing do you want to do . You could current sense or measure rpm with either a hall sensor or an encoder?

25/03/2019 at 23:30

motors needed for shredders or similar torque hungry devices are typically 3 phase, a standard VFD (100 – 150euro, only) provides you all you need: endless functions, inputs and outputs.
an Arduino is only really useful to deal with the VFD itself: regulate speed, direction and handle over torque or stall. with better VFDs you can also handle the shredder via Modbus, a more standardized way to deal with this sort of devices 🙂

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