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Acrylic shredder (made from, not for)

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James Radcliffe ppmansfield

Acrylic shredder (made from, not for)

28/09/2017 at 19:48

Hi everyone 🙂

Little bit of background here. Today I met some friends from the Nottingham Hacker Space, to discuss starting to build these machines (If i let the hackspace “borrow” them, I can get some additional help with funding too if I’m lucky).
We have decided to start with the shredder, since without the shredded plastic, we cant really use the other machines.
We are only going to shred 4 different plastics we end up with loads of at the hackspace: PET, HDPE, PLA (from the 3d printer) and ABS (also from the 3d printer)

One of the other guys asked if it would work if we made the blades (and the casing) from acrylic, since our laser cutter takes an age to do sheet metal…

my initial gut reaction was no. I was worried that the preasure applied might cause to to snap, or worse, practically explode, causing a hazard to the person using it (and contaminating the plastic shreddings)
But having taken some time to think about it. Acrylic doesnt snap easily, and is a lot harder than any of the plastics we want to shred so why not? So I thourght I’d ask here and see if anyone has tried it, or has any input?

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29/09/2017 at 11:35

Acrylic is strong but kind of brittle. The forces in the shredder are extremely high. This is because the plastic is sometimes stacking and it is really tough stuff. I have seen metal shafts breaking in the shredder, metal bending etc. I would say acrylic is too weak.

30/09/2017 at 00:50

yeh… that was my gut instinct. And i could imagine the blades could have a catastrophic fail, and send shards flying everywhere… and I dont want to be in the room when that happens lol

18/10/2017 at 09:18

Made image posted as my prototype. it is made out of laser cut acrylic entirely. Its my own design. I can barely get it to cut paper being as the sides are glued on. but generally you don’t want to make something out of plastic to cut plastic. The general idea is to cut something you need to cut it with something harder.

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