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Africa trash vs Precious Plastic. Round 1. Fight

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Miguel Fernando Barbosa miguelfernandobarbosa

Africa trash vs Precious Plastic. Round 1. Fight

21/02/2019 at 15:46

Hello everyone,
My name is Miguel. I am Portuguese. My father is from Angola. I travel quite a few to Africa Portuguese Language countries. I am looking for ways to eliminate the garbage on the city of Luanda and some other cities in Angola. I am still far from it.
I will touch sensitive facts now:
The African people are very complicated: not educated, living day by day, 90% of them fight each day against diseases, proper education… They are always afraid of coming wars. Still, they are great. They really are. They love to be well treated. They are close to their families, like lions pack.
Because of this they do not think to much about the future. They think of the moment. When I was there, I also thought. One thing that I see that can make them work is quick money oportunity. If you do not show them that they can make quick money, stop. It is a culture feature. They will not work. Still, it can be just a 1 euro.
I found Precious Plastics some days ago. I think you could help a Lot resolve some African issues.
Making DiY objects using trash that the Africans have plenty.
I will travel to Angola very soon. I sending this message to say that I enable to spread this Project of yours there. Even if you fill that you deserve money for helping my cause, contact me.
I am zero in plastics business. Anything that you could suggest, I am all hears. Anything that could make this project start on Angola.
I hope I can count on you.
Best Regards and thank you
Miguel Barbosa

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