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Artificial IntelligenceRobot to sort plastic waste

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charaf eddin ouahidi ouahidi

Artificial IntelligenceRobot to sort plastic waste

03/09/2018 at 00:47

hi everyone,
being real, wast sorting bussines isn’t  profitable as banking ,thats why we dont see a lot of them near us   (what i’m thinking )!!
but the basic idea boils down to number of people running the business less people equals more money
plus builing a recycling center isn’t for small buissiness (do to the profit margin)
how we can solve this ,?
in ordder to grow more recyling bussinesses we need :
less people, more products
ROBOTS !!!! hurraaay
the idea is to build a robot capable of sorting plastic from a waste stream and make it affordable for small bussinsses to copy the design .
Any way
there is many waste sorting robots, why we don’t see them. A lot!?
The problem is the cost .Some uses x-ray with fast triggering air nozzles  ,some uses arms ..
lets go with “arms” one cus i dont like my robot to have xray in his name it sounds frightening (you can think of it like xray need maintence )
the arms i’m thinking is  delta parallel robot developed by Reymond Clavel these kind of arms are kown for high speed pick and place which what this company have done .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1rLeNsh06I
don’t worry we still have a place for our non-profit robot design 😀
how you ask !? this machine costs fortune . SO . How we gona make a machine that cost fortune cost less  .

BY making it ourselves  hurraaay !!!! X2

C:\ TECHNICAL STAFF the robot uses a camera that give a video feed to a computer* running AI program* that detect for example water bottle using image recognitionthen the computer sends a controller  command to the arm motors* based on  bottle coordination  in synch with the  conveyor belt speed*,

computer* : needs to be equipped with GPU that is capable of  running  crysis

AI program* : it will be built using tenser flow (AI lib open to the public by google ) Building a CNN (conventional neural network) model will be nessecery  to differentiate between all kinds bottles so that they can be sorted.

Arm motors*:  most delta robot uses servo motor duo to high speed/torque capabilities.

Speed* :  conveyor belt speed sensor is essentiel  to keep the robot accurate ,to be able to calculate the  delay between the video detection and the picking action.

love to hear feed back, question  in any way  shape or form  . here is my email [email protected] or in comment
it would be awesome if i got accepted to contribute this idea in the devolepment of  Precious Plastic Version 4
i need help any way i don’t think i can pull-it on my own

By the way if we find some geek who can convert our trained cnn model to A FPGA ship , it will be much cost effective than using a computer with high end gpu
a cnn model can be trained on any object with specifice shape and color  (card board , milk jugs ,.. )
you can imagine multiple robot on the same conveyor belt .

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09/09/2018 at 23:58

nice topic, it’s great what you are looking for, i also looked for solution to sort the plastic types of other waste, and I interested in this kind of sorting solution as in this video

; and I work for that with some friends.
and for the possibility to join version 4 team here is ther link ;
Best Regards Bro

16/09/2018 at 01:44

thank you mohamed for your support , i will be interested to see what you will comup with your friends !

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