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Anyone with ideas on how to make plastic film sheets??

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champion zzchampion

Anyone with ideas on how to make plastic film sheets??

05/01/2018 at 11:44

hi everyone ,,,,,pls im in search of ideas on how i can turn a pile of shredded waste plastics into plastic film sheets which i can use in a greenhouse im building…any idea will be highly appreciated,..thanks

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05/01/2018 at 17:00

@zzchampion, assuming you used a stock photo of plastic, it is not the actual plastic you use. Can you tell us what type of shredded plastic waste you want to use for the greenhouse?

What I am concerned about is that you want to use solid shredded pieces for making a film. The best thing to do is to recycle a similar to get similar in this case bags into bags.

Also I think you would want to use translucent bags. Theoretically you could heat us some amount of transparent PP packaging and make a sheet in a sheet press, then combine it into bigger pieces.

08/01/2018 at 16:52

Sorry, I initially answered on the “ask me anything” page, and I found this topic after, but I can’t find how to delete my message there, and my answer belongs here!

@zzchampion You can make films through a thermopress, and adjust its thickness by using molds. I used woven fabric coated with teflon, calibrated to different thicknesses. Paper could do, if you work below its degradation temperature (around 180°C). Like you cut the shape you desire, you put shredded plastic as homogeneously as possible within the shape between two heated surfaces and you press. Takes few tries to achieve nice films. If you don’t have a thermopress, try an oven (dedicated to work with plastics, you don’t want to pollute your food!) and some weights that can be heated as well (metal sheets…). You’ll achieve different pressures by using different weights.
There is also the possibilty of designing a slot die for the extrudor, but this can be tricky, as the plastic usually cools down in the slot die and get stuck in it. It needs to be heated as well. Plus, you might need to use one or two rolls to kind of calender the plastic ribbon, if you’d like to really flatten it.
To make longer, larger, thinner films, like plastic bags, industrials generally use a blow-extrusion process, where the shredded plastic is molten and mixed in an extrudor, and a bubble of plastic is blown at the exit of the extrudor and cooled along its length until it is rolled up. It is difficult to stabilize the bubble to obtain an homogeneous film, that’s why this process is continuous and usually runs for loooong lengths of bubble.

17/01/2018 at 18:12

@manix …thank you very much ,i will try all the processes and see which of them is best suited for the job,thank you once again

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