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Australian PP Community – Hello!


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Melodie Murphy morethantencents

Australian PP Community – Hello!

15/09/2019 at 12:21

I noticed that there is quite a lot happening in Australia but not many people know about it so I made a map and website to help Australian PP folks find each other easily.


<3 Enjoy! (and let me know if I missed somethings!)

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15/09/2019 at 12:47

@morethantencents, this is it ! Very nice example of local oriented care taking. I wrote some scripts which fetches the international map data and converts into contacts per region. Possibly we can setup some synchronizing. I am still waiting for one-army to progress in such regards.
One thing I would keep adding :
– service directory (laser, machine, parts)
– supply directory (proven alixepress, alibaba contacts) – with the possibility to comment and rate.
We developed a wordpress setup ready to be cloned, which has all features to engage people on social network per content but also has the directory facilities ;Β  in case you wanna try it out …

15/09/2019 at 22:24

Haven’t done any “pinging” etc. to see who you might be hosting the site with, although if you are paying $$$$ to host it I would be happy to set you up an account on my webmin server which is in a Brisbane datacentre at no cost (unless you start costing me a fortune in bandwidth) πŸ™‚

Feel free to reach out either here or via discord (i’m Cartlin Recycling) if you want any info on what the server is running (eg. php versions available, MariaDB etc.).

15/09/2019 at 23:46

reply @ppboys Thanks!

I really pondered on this and how to do it best and for now, I think simple works πŸ™‚

I also wanted to moderate it a bit so we dont have lots of links who don’t respond after a while and did not want to reinvent the wheel you guys already built so well, so it all links back to the original PP site, the new discord etc.

Over time I would like to add events to the map and very happy to add suppliers as the community recomends them but so far firepants in Adelaide (Laser cutting) and myself are the only suppliers I can find for Aus.

reply @cartlintech I am hosting it as an addon behind my own site so there is no additional cost and I have loads of bandwidth (this site uses very little)

If you are curious, you can ping or you could just ask me πŸ™‚ I am hosted with VentraIP and have been for quite a few years now. (Also located in a secure data centre in Brisbane) Very happy with their service and support – Ive built 18 sites with them so far (for other people) as well as my own and now this one.

If, over time the Australian PP Community want me to shift it or register differently then we can develop further. The .com.au is currently registered to my ABN. When the community gets big enough to register as an org, this can tranfer to the orgs ABN/IBR. For now, this is just a wee gifty to all of us to help out <3

16/09/2019 at 00:37

As organizer, I think it might be actually easier to promote recycling, or more specifically, plastic instead of promoting ‘Precious Plastic’ per se – at least as it now (get the 4 machines, …jajaja, i know it wants to be bigger than that …) since it comes with some pre-occupation & artifacts which could distort the picture for potential users – especially established handcrafts like movie sculpturing, party decoration crews, furniture designers, etc… it could be a little more appealing to show them high-end products (glass, concrete, wood, metal combinations) and sources of plastic (ie: traders). Imagine being a music magazin where you bring them together : DJs, venues and music lovers; you for sure don’t want to use the same club in every issue πŸ™‚ Just saying, ‘simple’ works – sure, but where you wanna go with that – or where you wanna be in 5 years with that ?Β Applying the ‘club scene’ for PP came a few times to mind recently: your garage is the club, you beach is the club and best of it, everybody can be DJ, now we just need enough people dancing πŸ™‚

16/09/2019 at 00:54

Hmm… I hear you and I can see your points and you are right, it is all about the end goal πŸ™‚


For me, the end goal is simply to have a one stop spot to find connections to the community for those already looking ($1 for every post I see that says “is there anyone in sydney/melbourne etc”… I would be wealthy enough for all 4 machines plus version 4 lol)

I have no 5 year plan for a community I did not establish, only a 5 year plan to work hard to support that community.

What you suggest is more in the line of promoting to a wider audience but this is simply a tool for the existing and growing community to use. The community themselves are doing all the promoting πŸ™‚ – DJ’ing their own experience.

If someone coms along who wants to do more (or better) , they can jump on in. For now this is what I offer based on my own time, skills, $$$ for registration etc

16/09/2019 at 01:03

I should add… we aussies are an innovative lot and I hope to see machine improvements and innovations over time too, connecting with each other means this knowledge is shared and new endeavours can be supported. <3

It isnt a plan, just a hope πŸ™‚

08/12/2019 at 04:44

Is the linked website still operating? I tried today and it said unavailable?

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