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Basic Questions Shredder

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Cyrille Dubois cyrille

Basic Questions Shredder

03/04/2016 at 12:01


I set out to build the Shredder and Injection machine because
1. I f*cking love the project!
2. I’d like to use the machines to do some campaigns around sustainability at the beaches in Spain and Portugal this summer. After the summer we will probably try to send the machines to some NGO’s so that they can be put to use in places where it might make economic sense to have them.

However I have no experience whatsoever in machine building so I will be posting some pretty basic questions if I can’t find them on my own. It’s great that you put all the blueprints in open source to build the machines but despite my first enthusiasm it seems that these won’t be sufficient for an inexperienced builder to build the machines from scratch.

So first question, what is the type of bearings you use for the axe of the shredder?
It seems that it has to fit the lasercutted sideplate pretty exactly to be able to attach it but the blueprints don’t contain any information on the spacing between the holes. I’d like to know before I lasercut the sideplates in case I don’t find the exact same bearings here in Barcelona.



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04/04/2016 at 18:27

1. 🙂
2: This is the name of the bearings we use: UCFL 204 Eco Lagerblok TSC
Its pretty standardised and should be easy available. However if you find another robuust bearing you can also use that. Just change the laser-drawing accordingly and you should be good to go!

12/04/2016 at 20:32

First of all, thanks for the quick answer @davehakkens. I know you are currently enjoying some nice vacations, it’s great that you take some time to answer questions on the forum.

Once I knew the specifications for the bearing it was indeed pretty easy to find. What I’m having a harder time to find however is a motor with the right specifications. I’ve been going through a few scrapyards but the only motors I could find were from washing machines, fridges or car fans, nothing close to a power of 2 kW.
Do you know what the original purpose was of the motor you salvaged? This might help me refine my search!

Thanks again and enjoy South-East Asia!



13/04/2016 at 14:35

Hi Cyrille,

I have been having the same problems as you re: finding an electric motor.

While looking online I identified what might do the job.

Old electric cement mixer motors. I will be investigating further, bus as I see it, they will have to be 1ph (usually plug in so can’t be 3ph) and considering the job they are designed to perform, they would have good torque.


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