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Big problem on the INJECTION!

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Big problem on the INJECTION!

24/02/2018 at 00:20

I have a big problem, and i’m not alone, with the injection. i had finish the machine, everythinG was ok. I try 1 injection, and my piston is stay block inside the pipe, impossible to take of, with 20 tonnes of pressure on, i have just destroyed more it!

My original pipe is completly smooth from the inside with a diameter of 26.01, my plunger was 25,95.

My questions are :
What the perfect dimension?
Some people have try with a plunger at 26 on 5-10 cm, and the rest 25 for don’t have this problem?
Other people have that?

thnk you very much

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24/02/2018 at 01:26


Solution is you need turn on the PID, wait still the plastic melt, get up your piston and keep it on the top for the next injection.

If you found an easiest way to take outside the plastic who is inside the nozzle, I take it ! 🙂

28/02/2018 at 17:56


Just as @geat said, you are not supposed to manipulate the injection machine handle when the tube is cold. When the tube cools off, the remaining plastic inside glues the piston and the tube together so you need to heat the tube first.

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