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bin 2.0… compaction vs shredding in the home..

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Barry Pitts badgerpit

bin 2.0… compaction vs shredding in the home..

02/05/2019 at 22:50

Hello world!

I am new here but long time project follower..

I want to build a mini precious plastics machine that replaces your bin (trashcan) at home.. it won’t be as efficient in the sense it can’t process the same volume of stuff, but if I can get even some of the processes going on in the home, that’s a step forward.

I am focused on designing a machine that aids in the sorting and storage of recyclable waste we bring into our homes and workplaces. My prototype has 3 core functions:

1) Plastics/metals type identification
2) Waste processing (compaction) by type
3) Storage (compacted) by waste type

Shredding stuff is fun!!!!
I am aiming for something anyone can use at home so a shredding capability – its been fun trying – has proven too heavy, too expensive, just not powerful enough, too powerful or simply not safe enough to be a consumer product for use in the home.. so after some early prototypes, I switched focus to compaction and storage of sorted materials. The latest prototype uses a roller instead of the traditional iron plate systems in a typical home compactor… it can be either human or motor powered..

So why will anyone want to use this new bin/trashcan?
– Less bags to move outside for collection
– Effective plastics and metals separation
– Lower volume of waste collected from your home
– Some bin 2.0 processed waste has a resale value (a compacted block of aluminum for example)
– Some processed plastics can be used to print new things (my bin print me a new bin bag?)

I would love to hear your thoughts, feedback, questions and views on this and in particular, how you feel about compactors and waste compaction in the home.

Thanks loads and loads and loads (should have compacted that down a bit perhaps) in advance ..

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03/05/2019 at 12:39

How is it going to work in the space of a bin (plus space for the waste)? How is it powered and how much will it cost?

04/05/2019 at 08:22

Great idea, If only to gather enough trash to bring to somebody elses worspace for shredding in exchange for part of the material, or a simple straightforward fee (opening a shredding shop, anyone?).


Compacting and storing plastics (and metals, and… ) could make it a ‘Medium of exchange’ just like salt and money once used to be…

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