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Biomass composting screw

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Tim Thomson timthomson

Biomass composting screw

02/06/2018 at 11:18

The idea behind this is a large diameter tube, with a mesh tube inside. Along the mesh tube are baffles that act as an auger.
All biodegradable waste from toilets, and grey water  (kitchen, laundry and so on ) including any waste food, green clippings and leaves get dumped into one end of the screw. Solids and liquids separate. Tube turns ever so slowly allowing worms to turn waste into usable soil. The screw is also a contained unit which is also capable of catching the gases released from the waste and utilizes it as a fuel. As for the liquids they can be diverted through sand filters and used to water grounds or gardens, or try and get your hands on a slingshot unit from the segway guy and recycle your waste water through evaporation and precipitation, perfect for human consumption. Cause isn’t that what clouds do.

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08/06/2018 at 22:07

Its always good to think about new ways do do things. However there are established ways to build a wormery without using moving parts (which require power to drive them, and introduce possible failure modes related to wear and seizure).

This article in Makery Magazine is interesting: How to make a wormery in the midst of concrete buildings.

The PDF on DIY Wormeries is available to download here.

20/06/2018 at 10:28

Hill cultures are one of the easiest ways to do permaculture, composting and organic waste conversion. Automation by nature I suppose. No need for plowing, digging, machinery, fuel , watering, irrigation, fertilizers, composting piles, stinky manure, soil PH adjustments, Weeding (most boring job ever), etc.  

One can also introduce mushroom mycelium to the logs in the hill culture and harvest fresh shi-take, oyster mushrooms, etc. whenever the temperature drops. Increasing the amount of protein rich foods without having to invest in livestock/ fish tanks etc. (which would be nice to get but quite a lot of effort and maintenance in the beginning stages of self sufficient agriculture). This method is also one of the simplest ways to massively increase soil microbe- and insect biodiversity in the shortest amount of time. Which makes great food for chickens and ducks also increasing protein availability without investment or maintenance whatsoever.


Hill cultures are as easy as making a lasagna.



(subtitles are in only in dutch and french, ) But there are plenty of videos and tutorials on this method when you search for “hill culture gardening”



31/07/2018 at 14:29

Understanding nature…helping and working with it is the only solution. Permaculture is the way…thanks for sharing

16/08/2018 at 16:48

The best part about this idea is it doesn’t need power. When the bottom of the screw fills it can be turned by hand using nothing more than a gear ratio to compensate for weight. The reason it’s called a biomass composting screw is that there is a complete ecosystem of microscopic life forms living in the screw not only worms. Working together in unison , as the human race should. If you believe that we are an intelligent species, time to use that intelligence and work together and leave our animalistic tendencies in the past . It’s not the world leaders that change the world, history proves that it is the dreamers who think beyond what they are taught that have the greatest impact.

16/08/2018 at 17:19

I’ve been using hill culture for the past year and is awesome. But it’s not about creating something new to fail, that’s called planned obsolescence. Unfortunately every product you buy especially new technology has planned obsolescence designed into it. That’s how our petrol dollar society was designed. It’s about introducing tried and true techniques and educating the mass population that just because some new tech or device comes out we don’t throw away the working technology we all have cause it’s not the newest. Dealing with our own waste in your own backyard instead of letting it flow down hill for the next person or generation will be better for everyone. We had so much knowledge once upon a time. People  in all different parts of the world who understood the natural world around them living in unison with nature and what did we do as a species? Slowly and surely exterminated the knowledge because on the outside there where subtle differences in their physiology where their body’s adapted to their natural surrounding environments. But in the end we are all one people, one race of human beings of planet earth. I fully admit that I was young and stupid and just as guilty but when you change your own perceptions. That’s when you start to grow as a person.

18/08/2018 at 17:08

This will be one of many products that Precious Plastics Albury Wodonga will research, build, perfect and share. locally we have a green bin service that does the on a large scale. When the mounds of composting material get turned over by bull dozers or front end loaders, (speeding up the composting process) the foul smell can travel for long distances. Garbage collection of this type weekly. If this was taken care of by ourselves in our own back yard, Imagine how much safer our roads would be with less heavy vehicles running around cleaning up after us. not to mention the green house gasses those heavy vehicles produce weekly in our community.

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