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Biomedical Engineer, Is there a place for one?

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juans juans

Biomedical Engineer, Is there a place for one?

20/06/2019 at 02:30

Hi, I’m currently in the Netherlands and since I knew about this great mission/project I always wanted to be part of it. I’m a Colombian biomedical engineer, came here for a master but fell in love with “recycling+design” and 3d printing. I’ve got a lot of ideas about new products out of recycled plastics (but zero experience in doing it apart from drawing) that brought me to ask you guys (Dave specifically) if I’d have a place in the P.P v4 team?

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20/06/2019 at 09:25

Hi Juan @juans
How would you apply your field of expertise to plastics?
If at all possible?
Just curious into getting a completely different view 🙂

If you want to start helping with designs, e.g. look at the
V4 BeyondPlastic – [PRODUCTS]
V4 Product Design – Furniture
Product Design for the sheetpress (V4)

and see what you can do to help.

Just the good-old ‘contribute and get noticed’ tactic.
The forum is mainly a ‘community’ thing and the way the V4-team spreads their information. They are not really active on the forum themselves, but you could always try to contact them directly, or better, ‘tag’ them in your posts (@username, lik I did with you). Make it relevant though as you can imagine there is a choice to make between developing machines or answering email each day 😉

20/06/2019 at 18:46

I would think that Biomedical, Engineer, and product design would all be of interest. You could try sending Dave Hakkens a PM. The V4 team has stated that they are in the product design phase.

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