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Blades, spacers and hexbar, need advice please.

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Simon Whitehead simonw

Blades, spacers and hexbar, need advice please.

13/08/2018 at 18:28

Hi, have accumulated all the pieces as per the blue print drawings for the shredder 2.0, and the measurements don’t seem to add up :-
The hex bar shows 148 mm of hexagonal length, however there are 15 knives at 5mm thickness (15 X 5 = 75mm), and 13 knife spacers at 6mm (13 X 6 = 78mm)
So total thickness of knives and spacers = 75 + 78 = 153mm.
How does this fit on the 148mm of the hex bar as per the blue prints?
Really could do with advice, please

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14/08/2018 at 09:01

The knife are 14. 1 of the lot of wrong Information in t  the bluprint.

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