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Machine development Taiwan

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kai kaiyi

Machine development Taiwan

16/08/2018 at 18:10

i just wish it was as simple as videos.

finally got the shredder running after endless failure; should show you guys before moving on to next step. much appreciation and respect to precious plastics, you guys are super crazy. process is annoying and labour intense.


pretty straight forward, got a 3phase 3hp motor with gearbox. around 60~70 rpm.seems pretty powerful but not sure about force loss for small detail.
shaft was tricky, first time simply drilled a hole directly on the shaft as dave did in the video. did not work at all; could’t get the drill straight  enough so axe just moved in funky way.first motor cracked and broke. made my own connector with cnc and failed again.

then i went for belt and pulley to avoid direct connection between motor shaft and axe. hit a point that axe stops and motor keeps going, belt wears out. wonder if it was the way of installation.

found out there’s already connector in the market seems kind of shaky for now. the machine is moving way better and longer than previous. really shaky as putting thicker plastics in. hopper seems to fall apart as more force gets in. hopper is made of book shelf from junkyard. maybe should get brand new ones from metal store? definitely need more welding around the box.

hand made style
i like the idea of using material from junkyard and hand made style; however, you’d lose 2 mm here and there. it’d just add up and whole thing gets shaky.

sometime nice even snowflake, sometimes ugly chunk as the blazes heat up to around 70 celsius (especially when stuffing big chunk of plastic in). after running around 1 hour, not very efficient at the moment. need to stuff plastic slowly and little by little in order to grind them properly.  was able to grind less than 5 kg of plastic per hour.

not too sure what type of plastics it is, some sort of industrial waste. would be nice if someone knows.

what am i doing wrong here? the machine doesn’t seem to be able to grind some thing bigger/stronger like  marine stuff.

holes are mesh are around 5 mm, could be the cause for ugly chunk plastic jamming?

is too shaky on the wood, expected to be on more stable surface. screws and knots move after awhile.

checked out some industrial ones that could handle couple hundred kg to tons of plastics. super expensive. 2000 ~20000 euro per machine. so far it’s costing around 600 euro for my machine so far.

i know i’m super behind and is really late now. wanna thank everyone here and i feel less lonely doing this. will go to a plastic show and beach to pick up more trash this week.

and then back to machines

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16/08/2018 at 18:17


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17/08/2018 at 15:17

Such transparent plastic could be PET, PVC, PP, or PS.
If it sinks down in water – then it is a PET. PVC, PP or PS usually float.


18/08/2018 at 10:54

Well, the first thing you actually need to change is the base of the shredder. If you say that after some time shredding the screws start to move a bit it means it is not secure and stable especially with a 2+kw motor. For your case it has got to be metal base.
Hopper itself should be doing well in any condition apart from when there is a lot of vibrations and shredder box / hopper base twisting. This is also cured by a solid metal base.
In terms of operation you better cut big pieces into smaller chunks as it would be way easier to throw them into the hopper.
Hope this helps,

04/10/2018 at 04:51

Hi Kai.
I am from Taipei too.
Can we meet ? I am curious to talk to you about your machine.

See you


08/10/2018 at 18:18


shredder is done in junkyard style. it’s nice to have structure to hold it. is working fine, can maybe grind ~10kg of PET bottles / hour. 5 mm mesh is not s ideal as it could get jammed at the bottom and blades get hot real quick. got good result without using mesh, just straight thru the box twice. 10 mm and removable mesh seems like a good idea for now.

on the motor:
In precious plastics the rpm is much slower and seems to work just fine.adjustable motor could be nice? lets say a 3 kw servo motor with gear. for example we might want something faster when grinding something softer like styrofoam or we want something slow when grinding harder stuff.

injection machine is a bit messy, the tubes get rusty and the tip doesn’t get heated nicely. also some ideas for molding.

thanks for the info, do you think it’s a good idea to shred PET bottle without taking the caps off ? and separate them after during washing?

08/10/2018 at 23:38


As for me it is easier to separate caps before shredding. In addition, I separate it by color as well.

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