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Bonding agent for recycled plastic granules.

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William Evans williamce

Bonding agent for recycled plastic granules.

04/09/2019 at 13:42

Hi there everyone.
We are granulating and separating metal and plastic and are producing some items already from the plastic (prototypes at this stage).
The plastic is mixed plastic and it’s been very difficult for the company we receive it from to make viable to recycle, so unfortunately I think a large percentage has ended in landfills.
At this moment we are separating it, selling the metal content and storing the plastic granules whilst we try (against the clock actually, as space is not cheap in south east of England – we are in London) to develop sellable product ranges.
We have produced some prototypes, but we are currently trying to find bonding agents, and moulding techniques for items we want to produce that are flat, 2cm thick, yet lightweight and flexible. But we are also open to any suggestions for any applications, as currently the is around 100 tonnes of this material (prior to separating the metal and plastic) that ends up in landfills in the UK alone.
It cannot be heat or compression moulded as it has many different melting points because it’s mixed.
Maybe someone would know of a good and suitable bonding agent for the flat items I mention above, or perhaps another tech nice to mould this material for other applications.
Any information and advice (or even a collaboration) would be very much welcomed.

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04/09/2019 at 17:30

There have been several threads one example: https://davehakkens.nl/community/forums/topic/roof-tiles-from-plastic-waste/ on making things like roof tiles and pavers out of mixed plastic and things like sand. Perhaps some of them are relevant.

04/09/2019 at 20:18

Thank you, I’ll check that out. The roof tiles are geared and we cannot heat outs as it has many different melting points (whilst sone would be melting others would be burning while others still would be still solid I presume).
Im not sure about that though.
I’ll have a look.
Thanks again.

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