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Bottle caps recycling. Is it Ok to mix LDPE &HDPE?

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Hernan Torres preciousplasticdubai

Bottle caps recycling. Is it Ok to mix LDPE &HDPE?

25/07/2018 at 12:31

Hi everyone!

I’ve been collecting a good amount of bottle caps (lids) for recycling. The caps are mainly made of HDPE and LDPE, but while trying to sorting them out is that either the number is tiny or is not there at all, plus I’m doing the work by myself so is a titanic work for one person.

Do you know what would be the result of mixing both kind of plastic? Most importantly, do you know if that plastic is it gonna be recycled easily?
Ive seen some guys making awesome stuff with the lids but they don’t mention if they mix them, actually they don’t even say if they sort the plastic.

Thanks a lot!!

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14/08/2018 at 19:41

Hay, In a workplace in Amsterdam they use bottle caps to make new skateboards. Its called “wasteboards”. In my experience and it theirs we find mostly hdpe bottle caps with a mix of PP. Its interesting to read you have many ldpe caps 😉 in their production process they found out that pp is behaving different from the overal bottlecapmix. So they take it out because the pp  stays more like chewing gum in the end result. I would say that if you heat the plastic caps for a long period of time equally in an oven (for examp) on a not too high temperature like 160 you would be able to force it into a nice shape (if you have a clean pollished mould). This could be a good option to save yourself the extreme hustle of seperating. In the meantime i do have to add that its not so mich upcycling! And the plastics still stay seperated in the shape!

24/08/2018 at 18:12

Hey @preciousplasticdubai & @thomasthefirst
I don’t think mixing PP(5) with HDPE(2) is the same as mixing LDPE(4) with HDPE(2) since in that sense both are Ethylene polymers ? would be awesome if a specialist could push more intel on the subject though!
Peace !

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