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Build Files

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Griffy griffynsara

Build Files

13/06/2017 at 02:00

Ok I want to get started on this and I try to import the DXF files and every single one freezes my cad program.
a little history on me is I have been operating a CNC plasma table for years. I’m very fluent with my cad cam software and this seems like it would be a simple problem.
I use Torchmate CAD to import my files. the only time I have had problems like this were with extremely large files. I couldn’t imagine these would be that way.
any help would be much appreciated. thanks and I’m looking forward to getting started

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03/07/2017 at 21:21


do you still need help with this?
what format would suit you the best?
can you advise on the max file size limit?

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