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build plastic shredder

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azmal azmal

build plastic shredder

24/07/2018 at 10:42

Hi Dave,

I am from fiji and want to build a shredder for my small country

Unfortunately we don’thave the proper machines to do the metal cutting please I need your help here.

Please let me know what I can do .

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In reply to: build plastic shredder

24/07/2018 at 12:05

please check the bazar : http://bazar.preciousplastic.com
there are complete machines, and components only. I recommend to get the components and assembly it at your place.

In reply to: build plastic shredder

26/07/2018 at 06:19

if you want to make by your self.. there are many technic for metal cutting (lasercut, wirecut, fire, CNC, manual CNC(drill hack), etc) & I also know the shredder build in minimalistic way in youtube like aluminium blade, cheap shredding set (jeremy fielding channel), etc.

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