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Business Calculator Feedback Needed!

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florencia ortiz florenciaortizs

Business Calculator Feedback Needed!

05/09/2019 at 10:26

Hello Precious Plastic Business People!

It’s Flo here from the V4 team and I would love some help. We are working hard on some new business tools for Version 4 to help people plan new Precious Plastic workspaces. One of these tools is the Workspace Calculator, which aims to help people calculate the financials behind starting a Precious Plastic Workspace.

Would you be willing to test the calculator so we can gather feedback? We want to hear all about it. Do you think it is a useful tool? Do you understand it? Is there anything you will change or does not make sense? Did you have any doubt or problem while using it?

You can play with it us much as you can, but try to make it as real as possible. All feedback is more than welcome.

Click the link below to access the calculator sheet and all the instructions will be there. We will try to consider all the feedback we receive. Please post your ideas in the comments

Thank you all in advance,
Flo 😀

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05/09/2019 at 23:44

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27/09/2019 at 15:47

Thank you Flo, this looks awesome!

15/10/2019 at 14:36

Hi Flo,

thanks so much for this, that’s a great tool.

I am playing with the calculator a bit and I have some questions that arose:

When looking at the costs for each product, there is the position “indirect labour cost” and “material cost”. In your case, the indirect labour cost includes costs for collecting, washing and shredding the plastic.

If all material that is needed for the production is collected, then the field “material cost” would be “0” because you are not purchasing it but the price is defined by the labor that is needed to produce it.

Material cost would only be >0 if you would e.g. purchase some plastic flakes. Is this correct?

Somehow I cannot wrap my head around where the 4.33 comes from in the indirect labour cost…

(SUMME(‘2. Costs’!C:C)*4.33*’3. Dashboard’!$P$3*(J47/$J$62)

In the Cashflow / Profit and Loss, you listed the working hours that you call “no direct production hours”. If I collect / wash / shred my own material, wouldn’t these work hours also be variable depending on how many products I want to produce?

Let’s say 10 baskets need 1h collecting / 0.5h washing / 0.25 shredding. If I want to double my outcome, I will have to double the work needed for the production of the material and hence would have to include those costs as variable costs in my Cash Flow, no?

I think I would try to separate costs like marketing / maintanance / administration and the production oriented costs like collecting / shredding / washing. That way you could also see how many employes you would need for the different tasks (if you assume that the people collecting are possibly different ones than producing)

For example:
1kg of plastic takes xh of collecting xh of shredding xh of washing
product A needs xkg to be produced, product B needs xkg to be produced
–> that way you could split those production costs over your produced goods like you did with the material cost. Hm, does this make sense?!

I hope you can help me with those questions…:)

Thanks a lot for your awesome work. I look forward to pay something back to the community once we get started.

Cheers, Nike

15/10/2019 at 16:36

So just an idea to change the sheet in case you wanted to see the material production cost as variable towards the number of sales:

Instead of the “material cost” on the “sales” sheet, you have three different columns for each number of working hours collecting, shredding, washing.

And then you change the formuar from for “material cost” in the “Extra” sheet from

=IF((‘1. Sales’!C9*’3. Dashboard’!I8)=0, ,(‘1. Sales’!C9*’3. Dashboard’!I8))


=WENN((SUMME(‘1. Sales’!C9:E9)*’3. Dashboard’!$P$3*’3. Dashboard’!I8)=0, ,(SUMME(‘1. Sales’!C9:E9)*’3. Dashboard’!$P$3*’3. Dashboard’!I8))

(this is for the large bowls, just an example ;))

I think that should work…Or did I miss something?


17/10/2019 at 00:34

Thank you so much! 

I will take an indept look into this as I am in the process of starting a whole project around the PP machines and was in much need of knowing these numbers.

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