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Business opportunity

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Yoann yoannv

Business opportunity

17/04/2018 at 19:00

Hello community

My name is Yoann Varquet, I am a french robotics engineer/entrepreneur and I am considering starting a business (profit or non-profit). I recently have had an idea not far from the project developed here, but on a bigger and wider scale.

I really like what is being done here and this would definitely be a part of my idea; basically I wish to open skips (dumpsters) to the public and offer a wider range of re-cycling the life of objects. Either by simply reusing them (that you don´t want, someone else might need), upcycling them, tearing them apart to build something else, or recycling them in the conventional sense of it (like your project).

I have an idea of business model, but more than everything, I want to open the door of recycling to everyone, offering damaged or upcycled goods as well as a way to work on-site to do your own upcycling project or tearing apart, leaving your ideas on site (open source, like fablab/makerlab).

If anyone is interested, whatever the background, let me know. If you have a business degree or entrepreneurship experience, that would be awesome.

I would love the project to be international with maybe a start un Europe, france or other.

For the curious, I have other projects and this one is just a prerogative to a bigger – more social and humanitary- project. Taclking problems one step at a time.

Best regards,

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