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Business pitch – modular building blocks

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Bert Van Kerkhoven bertvankerkhoven

Business pitch – modular building blocks

12/12/2017 at 14:07

Hi everyone!

Together with 2 of my peers at Vlerick Business School, we took on the challenge to start a cleantech start-up. Our idea is inspired by Everblock, a NY based company that makes large lego-like building blocks that can be used to create a wall, chair, desk,… in just a couple of minutes. We really believe in their concept but we are convinced that we can be more ambitious and try to make a similar product from recycled plastic in order to reduce plastic waste. We also are unsure about the best size and type of plastic to use. We found another New Zealand-based company, Byfusion, that mixes all types of plastic in its building blocks and claims that the noise and temperature insulation is better than brick. A downside is that these building blocks are not very good looking. Is there a way to combine the product of Everblock and Byfusion. What do you guys think about the idea of making modular building blocks in general? Do you think it is feasible to make it from recycled plastic? What are in your opinion the best properties of the building blocks and what would you use it for?

All feedback is hugely appreciated.

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