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butt welding large HDPE barrels

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Kees sloopkogel

butt welding large HDPE barrels

12/06/2018 at 12:54

Hello everyone
My name is Kees and i am trying to figure out what the best way is to connect two HDPE barrels together to make a larger tube.
suggestions anyone?

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12/06/2018 at 21:11

Have you considred “Plastik Welding” i dont know much myself and if it would stand up to temperature change…
Or just some rivets, metall wish washers? or plastik rivets? and some basic silicon gel should defently work?!

What is it for??

13/06/2018 at 09:40

I did use a 3D pen to fuse 3D printed parts into a bigger product. (yes… human scale). First we glued the surfaces together and with the pen we did melt a v-shape on the connecting edges which we filled with the 3D filament.


I don’t think it produces big enough  for your application but maybe you can build a bigger version of a 3D pen from the extrusion machine

13/06/2018 at 22:06

While using a 3d pen definitely will work to connect the pieces it definitely won’t be too strong.
With plastic welding I have seen two ways untill now either with hot air, very small nozzle or just using a very cheap sodering iron.
Check out this video for a more in-depth explanation: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gRCMIDILfEI

While using a sodering iron is definitely cheaper and very handy for small, tasks for a whole barrel it would definitely be worth looking into the hot air welding, though more expensive it would be way more time efficient, for big tasks…

But for a one-time thing I would probably go for the soldering iron.

How exactly do you need the barrels connected together, cut in half??

Greetings Jonathan

14/06/2018 at 22:11

So i did some more research, the air welders are like “feared” mostly very expensive.
So I would take some wire and tie the two barrels together and then use some “HDPE” maybe even from Milk Jugs ect. to connect both of the barrels together. Ideal would be to use Heat gun if you have one (the Hotter the better) to attach thin HDPE over the whole weld and maybe even use an old soldering iron to finish it up, melt in the wire ect.

Warning Plastic gases can be Deadly, so only in a “well ventilated” area…

14/06/2018 at 22:13

Please write me if you have any other Questions.
I would love to see the tub when you are done.

Greetings Jonathan

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