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Buy Machines and "CE norm"


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recycled recyclediland

Buy Machines and "CE norm"

29/05/2019 at 09:12

i am french and i m living on a french island.
i want to buy machine (from usa i guess) . and in order to receive my machine i need inevitability to pass to the Custom House.
but the Custom House ask me the CE norm document of the machines. do you know if this document is possible to have with it ?
is any producer build the document ?
is any producer gave it when you bought machine ?
can i do otherwise ?
can i buy the machine as “spares parts” ( = detached pieces) for to dodge it ?

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29/05/2019 at 10:48

Hello @recyclediland

why not buy it from french builders ? wouldn’t that help out ? (what frenchisland are you on ?)

There is https://bazar.preciousplastic.com/en/nosoyo who could maybe help you out 🙂

Hope it helps,

Cheers !

29/05/2019 at 11:06

problem in general is indeed that there are no CE certificates at all for this kind of machines. more problematic for you is to get that stuff out of the EU. when we ship to non schengen countries we add a customs invoice ‘custom vintage machine’; its all you can do without paying too much tax.

for the french islands it’s indeed better to buy from the US, depends where your island is.

29/05/2019 at 11:09

hi @imuh
good work !
personnaly  i’m not just searching  a schredder but a complete work like the USA producer or combo type as product from catalonia
i have not found a french producer yet. and i m not sure it could avoid to give the “CE norm document” . as i have understood. all sellers in Europe Union must have the CE norm  in order to sell products.
Reunion is concerned by many taxes on the Harbor zone and many documents are needed

29/05/2019 at 11:14

hi @pporg,
i’m from Réunion, in indian ocean.
What is the HD CODE from the “vintage machine” ? (code of sending)

are you sure it can be arrive at home in this case whithout CE corm document ? did you ever done ?
eventualy sometimes if there is probleme of definition or documents  products can be stopped at the Custom House and resend in the reverse

29/05/2019 at 11:20

you need a CE if you sell to or inside the EU but not for outgoing as far I understood.
In you case you should buy from india just. about the code, i can’t recall right now but I think it was the code for ‘scrap metal’ one day, and since we have a top notch logistic provider, he made the invoice for us but i don’t know what code they used… we also added the context ‘private belongings’ in the invoice.

29/05/2019 at 11:34

not sure to understand. i don’t see the solution
i’m still living in European Union (Reunion)
so if i buy in USA (or India for the proximity ? but i really like the USA products) The USA or India Sellers must have the “CE norm form”to give to the Custom House to enter in French country.
And If i buy from catalognia (Europe too) it will need in the same time the CE form.

perhabs if the motors from the machines are in the “CE norm” (we can dreams) it could be ok when the custom open the package. and note the rest of the package as “scraps metal”

29/05/2019 at 12:49

my bad, you’re right. CE applies in your case. yeah; actually the shredder-extrusion combo is stupid easy. we’re finishing another iteration today and finally have it complete with drawings and material list in the library. problem is always to get a good motor & reducer and also that all fits together on a base plate. all the components come with CE however. If you REALLY need CE, you can also just buy the shredder from Asia, including an extrusion, it’s just 70% – 200% more compared to the usually overpriced (for what it is, price/value,…) bazar prices.

29/05/2019 at 14:55

Thanks for the links and response .
yes i know the price is higher and the commercial ideology less friendly.
i don’t have possibility to build it where i am in this time.
If i can not to find a way to buy and send one of  “prototype machines” i will probably finish by sladly begining to take a look in order to find same machines with “CE norm”. and choose how to drain my bank account for a stupid paper. that is the famous Modernity. but i keep smile
Big Thanks to community all over the world

29/05/2019 at 15:31

yeah, this sucks big time. all around stupid papers but when it comes to rights signed by all,… well, it’s just on paper; $$ wins always

but hey, it isn’t that expensive if you have a few hand tools and time. you can always get the components and i am sure someone on the island has a welder to make you the frame and some mounting brackets.

30/05/2019 at 09:21


You had to stir the hornets nest 😉


CE is basically a legal thing.

When producing in the EU, you are automatically bound to European Law, so if something goes wrong with the machine you build/sold, you ARE liable under European Liability law.

You can add CE certification to your machines by simply running a checklist and stating you comply (a declarations of conformity. Authorities can ask for those at any time (also within the EU).

(more info: CE Marking)
If you want to sell inside the EU, a abligatory CE certificate basically only says who’s liable when things go wrong. So for an US-based company to sell you a machine, they need to add a Declaration they accept liability over the product, also within EU-law.


In short: NEVER sell or ship the PP machines as machines, Always as parts(!), shipping in two seperate packages if need be (making it true they are just parts).

This would make the person assembling the machine liable for any problems with the machine (unless the problem is caused by a badly produced part), which is actually true in most cases.


The machines as they are now DO NOT follow CE regulations, this is where it is a actually an advantage they are ‘DIY hobby machines’ (or ‘vintage’ @pporg, nice one).

They can only ever become “serious / industrial” machines with CE certification (at least in Europe, in the US it’s FCC), and there are only few shops that could pull this off, because well they would actually need to be CE certifiable to get away with it…

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