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Buying or Building?

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Sagar Pathak sagarpthk

Buying or Building?

17/06/2018 at 18:57

Hello !  Friends,

Greetings !

My goal is to buy the machine first and then build it one at a time. For buying purpose I don’t know who to contact. I tried to talk with couple of workshops if they can make it for me but they didn’t completely understand the drawing and neither did I. I am still trying to build it but as I do not have the essential backgrounds on the subject matter about machine building, I definitely need some help form community or the manufacturers who can manufacture it. Eventually my plan is to distribute it to the major cities so that the plastic won’t go out of the community to the landfill and could be recycled in the community itself.

For future
In future, I want to setup a workshop with all the essential industrial equipments that help me to build machines to make other machines that will recycles other kind of wastes like rubbers, tyres and wastes.

I need help from the community now to realize my recycling dream by help me finding out the builder who can come to Nepal and help me build the machine.

Than you all !

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17/06/2018 at 19:53

eventually it makes more sense to buy industrial second hand shredder,… machines in your surroundings. the machines here are not really designed for long/heavy/massive runs. even if you got them build, it’s a matter of time you have to update your machine park with the real thing, so at the end: buy nice, not twice 🙂

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21/06/2018 at 22:27

I am thinking about it too. I haven’t found it yet.

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04/07/2018 at 09:29

sagarpthk04/07/2018 AT 09:25Hello All,

I want to know if anyone in our group who are interested in setting up precious plastic in Nepal are willing to invest in building all four machines.

If any one of you are interested than I will send you the quotations for building or buying a machine out here. The blade for shredder can’t me made here though, for which we need to import or head south to find the one that can build it but not here in kathmandu.

If we contribute a small investment than we can make/buy the first machine. After that we can look for the funding to mass produce it in our own ways to create a business, out of which we will be contributing for less plastics to end up in landfill. This will not only help the community but also the government.

Currently I have been researching with the vendors who can make and supply to build the machine in first place. I have to compare all the prices provided by different vendors and analyze them if there are significant variation in margin without compromising the quality of the machine.

Just for the record, tentatively I came to know it will cost around (700000 – 800000) Nrs to build all the four machine.

Let me know what you all have to say and if those who have researched could build it in less price.

Also let me know if you are willing to invest in our first machine.

Cheers !

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