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Can someone please help me with the Shredder

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Brandon Washington mrwashington

Can someone please help me with the Shredder

16/01/2019 at 20:38

Greetings Everyone,

Before I begin searching through the forums for a solution, I figured I’d create this topic. I recently sent out the designs to get the parts created, but they’re having difficulties determining the necessary dimensions in order to provide a quote. I thought it would be as easy as submitting the files for the manufacture to input the files into a machine to print, but it seems I am mistaken.

Do any of you amazing people have any suggestions or solutions to my dilemma?

I am a tech. ed. teacher in Hamilton, New jersey trying to implement these recycling solutions at my school. I hope they will act as a “hook” in order to attract the student body, possibly create a stream of income from the produced products, and make an impact in the community. I created a club to do this, called the “Stream Team”, if you wish to learn more about our efforts check out our IG page @hhw_streamteam

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17/01/2019 at 03:10

In the shredder schematics, there is a drawing titled “Shredding Dxf Laser Files”. In the bottom right, there are part numbers and descriptions. The numbers in the part number that look like (01.04.XX) directly correspond to the ones in the download file. Accompanying each part is the description which looks like (XXXxXXXxX). This is the dimensions that you would need to send in along with the .dxf file. the numbers are LxWxT and in millimeters. According to my research for my own school project (talk to your laser cutting place first) but American sheet metal doesn’t come in millimeter thickness so you should look into parts that are actually 3,5,6 mm thick and also ones that are the nearest sheet metal size up and polish/sand them down. This makes the machinist have to do less work and cost you less $$$.

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