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Cellulose acetate – recycle- melting or acetone

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Ivan iborov

Cellulose acetate – recycle- melting or acetone

12/08/2019 at 13:37



for some time now I’ve been doing tests with cigarette filters from cellulose acetate. Have you tried to recycle them / melt / or disolve them using chemicals?

For now I’ve disoved them using acetone.
The final result the final result I’m aming is making recycled sheets – for furniture and product design.


I was insipred by this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lipSaQMm3g

My progress so far using chemicals like Acetone is on the attached photo.

Let me know your progress.

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29/10/2019 at 18:23

Cellulose acetate can be proceed easily with a family of additives called plasticizers. You can try to use a cutter compactor machine to turn the filter into a powder (make sure you use a mask) or a kitchen mixer maybe… Then you can extrude, inject it by mixing the powder with something mike 30% of Triacetin. To find more about CA plasticizers, you can have a look online on scientific papers.

30/10/2019 at 14:11

Thank you for the advice. It will be great to try. The project has evolved over time and this info comes in good times. I hope to have progress so I can share my results.  Thank you.

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