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Cheap but safe shredder v3 enclosure/frame design


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Cheap but safe shredder v3 enclosure/frame design

06/05/2019 at 21:37

here’s what we did end up with to address some of the safety issues with the v3 shredder design. i stole the most from others on instagram 😉

frame : 40x40x3mm tubes, is scale-able and forgiving, important are the shredder mounts, being at least 10mm thick

shredder enclosure: can be done with a DIY metal bender (see colin furze) and with more requests, it’s around 30 Euro when sending this to a vendor, stainless

control – box: stainless, you can detach it, enough space for upgrades, side plates need to be removable but water proof ! (or better said, beer prove)

frame : 4 hours
shredder enclosure, 2 – 4 hours
control enclosure, 2 – 4 hours

– can’t fall sideways
– doesn’t need floor mount (should have 10 mm threads at the leg to plug stand-offs/level or wheel plugs)
– can be still carried by 2 person up the stairs, total weight 42 KG, make sure people can put sticks into the frame to carry it away
– fits on the back seat of a car
– enclosure and motor can be removed/added in 10 minutes
– frame provides precise holes to align motor with no further fiddling
– any drawer can be used
– pleasant height of 1.10m , for people higher than 1.50m, if hand in shredder, easy to get out, .. i hope
extra costs : 40 Euro

design and CAD soon in library!

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10/05/2019 at 01:32

this is the design I came up with.  It is already lasered, cnc bent and in the shop.


I made it from 3mm galvanized and plan on a 5hp motor for the shredder.


I think with a few small modifications to the design It can also be used with the extrusion.


Bonus I can use belt/pulley or chain sprocket to reduce the rpm which is $100usd vs a gearbox that costs $400usd


addition since this item i send out, means that I can eliminate a lot of the welding steps in house and simply bolt it together.

10/05/2019 at 02:08

@btmetz, let me come back on this tomorrow, 2am here; we indeed need urgently a solution to get this stuff done more quickly, making frames and chassis, control enclosures, couplings are the biggest bottleneck for us, at a point where we prefer to buy time over profit 🙂

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