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Chemical additives for recycled plastics!

Akash Jayakumar akashjayakumar

Chemical additives for recycled plastics!

19/07/2019 at 02:49

Hi everyone. I have been doing my R&D in plastic recycling. Could anyone suggest me some chemicals which be added as an additive to make it flame retardant, UV resistance and if any other properties can be increased.

PS: I got LOI results for recycled plastics as 19, it should go upto 21 or more to name it non-flammable.

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14/08/2019 at 21:43

what exactly would you like to do

23/09/2019 at 00:55

It depends on the polymer you are working with. Every polymer has a specific structure and reacts differently to additives.
There is also a lot of literature about it, in whitch you can read more about the common additives. (for example: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S030438941730763X or Additives for Plastic Handbook, you can find it for free in online libaries).
It would be interesting to get some more information what is your plan and also to see the results.

14/10/2019 at 05:14

What about if I’m to use it to make a brick, made from plastic wastes? What kind of additives to make it UV-proof and fire retardant?

18/10/2019 at 05:34

Chemical additives are a great way to improve the quality of your material, especially if you want to be a bit more consistent about what you make. Poke around at books such as Additives in Plastics Handbook.


I’m more interested in how you plan to add them, do you have any PP equipment made up? Any plans to modify it to feed additional additives?

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