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Children's book on Recycling


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Eric Larson elarson

Children's book on Recycling

03/06/2016 at 06:57

Along with the planet our most precious gift is our children. Please help me with the creation of an open source free-to-everyone children’s book. Here’s an excerpt of an email I sent to a friend:

“Below is page three of the epic journey of grandpa chipmunk and his grand children. The children’s book starts in the present with the two siblings being dropped off at their grandparents for part of summer vacation. Then the story goes back in time when the grandfather builds a special boat and metal fish for taking out into the ocean to capture plastic floating on the ocean surface for which he brings back in for harvesting and to use in a 3D printer and builds everything from chairs to bird feeders. Slowly the story will unfold with the capturing and printing happening with the grandchildren present…have to keep the suspense building even for tikes.”

Really what I would like to do is make this an ongoing project that anyone can contribute. There are so many languages, devices and even printing aspects to get this type of information into anyone’s hands that it will take a large team of contributors to get this going.

I have sketched out the majority of the book and have attached a few examples. Let me know if you are interested in helping.

Great work dave!

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21/06/2016 at 03:36

Nice idea!

I like to see those chipmunks go nuts with plastic

08/08/2016 at 11:57

looks sick I would be interested in developing it to be age appropriate.

I am a Primary Teacher and your drawings are awesome. I love the idea of personifying squirels but I would like to see some other animals included in the story.

12/08/2016 at 18:58

Looks like a great idea. I would also add real-life pictures of how plastic waste looks like, and creations made from recycled plastic.

09/09/2016 at 11:31

Your drawings look awesome!
Maybe you could include an animal family thats directly affected by all this waste (like turtles)

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