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Cleaning and sorting plastic — process design

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Juan Jimenez flybd5

Cleaning and sorting plastic — process design

02/04/2019 at 13:22

I’ve been thinking a lot about this fantastic idea, especially in Berlin, where the artist community is so strong and always looking for ways to make money from their work.

The one sticking point I see in the process is cleaning. There really isn’t a process for this presented in the videos. So I was thinking that one way to handle this was to 1. Ask donors to bring plastic already cleaned, 2. Provide one or more cleaning stations on-site, 3. Ask donors to please sort into bins with big signs for the different types of plastic that the site will accept.

Does this make sense? Has anyone done something like this already?

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07/05/2019 at 15:03

Hi! My team is also starting a project and we stumbled upon this problem. Maybe if you ask people to clean it, they will not put this extra effort. So I personally believe that cleaning them yourself is the best option. Have you by chance come across any cleaning station? I mean are there any cleaning machines? The industrial ones are very big and expensive. I thought about using a normal dishwasher, but I’m wondering if it doesn’t cause the plastic to melt.

09/05/2019 at 10:49

I think the best idea is to keep it simple. Take a 55 gallon plastic drum, put it on a tilting platform and put a belt and motor in the back. Fill with some water and put the plastics in it, then turn off the motor to clean. Tilt it forward to unload. Rinse and repeat. Multiply by however many barrels you need to keep up with the quantity of plastic donated to your project.

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