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Clip-It, another exciting plastic recycling/upcycling initiative


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Clip-It, another exciting plastic recycling/upcycling initiative

14/05/2016 at 12:08

I follow Clip-It for some time and you could be interested in what they are doing and they could be interested in your machines too (like the scraper) as they are collecting tons of bottle caps.


Clip it is a french startup based in Montpellier. Architects Mathieu Collos & Cyril Rheims came up with the idea in May 2014, following the Upcycling European Competition “Awakeners”. The crowdfunding campaign launched in September helped to produce a first batch. More than 1000 contributers over 33 countries pre-ordered packs. Beyond the game, Clip it is also an innovative circular economic model. Our clients include individuals, educational structures, ergotherapists, artists, and many more…our team is constantly looking forward to new uses.
We created a downloadable leaflet listing all Clip it educational implementations. (Learning to write, count, colours…) We hope to encourage upcycling through education.

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17/05/2016 at 18:09

That looks like a great idea 😀
Kids would love to collect plastic caps as a school assignment to be used with the clips, and draw their own designs on the caps 😀

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