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CNC and extrusion molds

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Chris circuluscs

CNC and extrusion molds

13/03/2018 at 18:43


I am in Dominica working and found a pile of million bottles! however thats not my quest! just yet.I have started with a USA NGO Americares and a local Charity ‘Inspire’ to set up a workspace in Dominica. My research took me to Curacao and @Limpirecycling

My return to UK is May and i am after the following molds and advise.

Coasters: Plates: vases: Lamp shades: Tiles: Rock formations: Dough molds any shape:

how to make more than one extrusion piece at a time.

My return will prompt a visit to @davehakkens in Amsterdam so please let me know if that is possible Dave to discuss my project. I’m a traditionalsit and like to meet people who inspire others.


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