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Coffee Table

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Veronica veroarviana

Coffee Table

21/09/2018 at 08:43

Hello everyone! I am from Jakarta, Indonesia. I just start my very first project using plastic recycle to build table top for my coffee table, and im trying to use the guides from Precious Plastic.
any suggestion on how to make this product? im thinking to use HDPE type for
the dimensions: 905 mm x 585 mm (35 inches long and 23 wide)

im thinking to build my own mould and compression machine.

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In reply to: Coffee Table

30/09/2018 at 21:50

A mould would be pretty expensive for such a table, perhaps just melt plastic, place it on a flat surface and place another sheet of metal on top to and kind of make a sandwich of it (with plastic in the middle and make sure you place heavy weights on it

And then try to sand it down until its a smooth even surface.

(Note I am not speaking from experience here, just giving my own idea/suggestion/thoughts)

In reply to: Coffee Table

01/10/2018 at 00:30

I agree with @okkarlo , a mould would cost you a fortune, not to speak of a machine that can inject that amount of plastic at once. I’d rather go for a sheet press, where you can cut your sheets e.g. with a cnc milling machine

All the best

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