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Compressor Machine Help Required

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Abirambika Ravivarman abirambika

Compressor Machine Help Required

06/08/2018 at 08:48

Hi Everyone,
We have an NGO in Chennai and have been successfully able to do the shredder machine but we are struggling to make the compressor machine. Please, we need help on how to do or if someone can do it for us it wld be great. Thanks

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07/08/2018 at 00:33

Hey Abirambika,
could you please detail a bit more where do you need help…?

07/08/2018 at 07:33

We have tried to build the machine, but the power consumption seems to be very high here in India. Is there a way to make this machine with lesser power requirement.

16/08/2018 at 01:55

do you have a current-meter? Are you able to verify how polymer dependent is the consumption?
next would be to verify if the current is constant or it spikes up and down while shredding…
in case you may like to try a flyingwheel that will absorb more energy to start, but once started it may help in reducing the spike of power and reduce the overall power consumption…
Ballbearings rather than bushings…
in general, consider that the warmer the motor gets and more energy will be wasted.
sometime a more powerful motor (oversized) May consume less than a small overloaded motor…
do you have some numbers to share…?

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