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Connecting the motor to the shredder


Suzi calderson

Connecting the motor to the shredder

23/10/2019 at 10:59

Hey team!
I’m just looking to get my project going and keep hitting little walls that I’m struggling to get over. Can anyone give me some advice on this please!

I have acquired this motor free, with a VSD, that has been wired by a friend, to control the output speed. However the motor/gearbox didn’t come with an output shaft and the shredder axe is too small (19mm round vs 26mm keyed).

It may be super basic but can I get some guidance on where to go with this?
New shaft? Coupling? Flexible coupling?


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23/10/2019 at 12:22

Normally, the axe should be 20mm and not 19mm, measure again to be sure. Then you would need an axe (26mm) with a key insert to put in your gearbox, and on the other side turn it down to 25mm (if you know soeone with a lathe). You can then use this kind of couplings:

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