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Considerations for Space, Place and Community

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Jay Cousins jaycousins

Considerations for Space, Place and Community

19/08/2018 at 11:37

Hey All,


Thought I’d post some thoughts here, as it’s great to see this idea surfacing. Seems to be a part of the Zeitgeist, with stuff like the Village 2.0 movement and various others searching for spaces to build communities.


I’ve been thinking about communities a while, more so now I have a small family – raising a child without a village is hard.


When looking at spaces you may find it useful to consider the following.


Flows – Water, Food, Material resources, People, etc. How easily do these things flow to the location. Issue is 2 fold.


1. accessibility of land, proximity to resource flows will affect speed of development and environmental costs.


2. people’s mobility cost will affect frequency of visitors, migration patterns to/from space etc. Practicalities of employment.


Every successful city grew around knots in these flows – crossroads, rivers, ports. Spaces that people have a reason to both move through, and stop at.


Without flows, communities have a tendency to stagnate.


On this topic it’s also worth to consider Mobility, both as a design feature and insurance to preserve independence within a community. eg. If needs of adjacent land change – possible to move, if needs change – possible to move (these change throughout life – from kid, to student, to parent, to elderly). When movement not possible it changes relationship to land and space, identity issues arise, conflicts increase – difference between being together by choice vs infrastructure lock in.


Note: A secondary aspect of the above, is it allows for migratory behaviors for both Security (in case of local ecological collapse, political or economic shifts), and Opportunity (Annual Migration, sharing technology and ideas as traveling Circus of Seeds)


Design for Maximum Adaptability.
















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