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Cost and time for making 3D printer filament

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Manak manakraj

Cost and time for making 3D printer filament

07/01/2019 at 14:55

I just wanted to know if someone here successfully implemented the process for converting old plastic to 3d printer filament.

If yes would really appreciate any nsight on following queries:

1) Approximate cost of production per kg or lbs for you
2) Approximate batch quantity you were able to achieve
3) how much time did a single batch it takes to process.

any insights would be highly appreciated.



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10/01/2019 at 15:41

To make filament you would need a device to “pull” the filament coming out of the extrudeur to get a precise diameter. This device does not seem to be in the scope of the next V4 PP. I am working on a device which will be relatively cheap to acheive this. I put a photo of my first proto, which needs to be improved, especially mecanically. When it’s fully working i will post a video, but this will not be before one or two months. Based on arduino and cheap stepper motors.

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