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Creating many many tiles, realistic?

Joren jorentv

Creating many many tiles, realistic?

25/07/2018 at 01:00

Hi guys!

We are building a tiny house at the moment and are looking for a solution for bathroom and kitchen tiles. As we need to keep the weight of the house down a good solution could be recycled plastic tiles! Besides that it can look great as well (see the tiles on the precious plastic creations page).

However, we would need quite a lot of tiles (+/- 300, based on 10cm tiles) and I am wondering if it is realistic to go for this option? That’s where I hope you guys can give me some advise on. I don’t have the knowledge and time to create the machines to do it and so we would be looking for someone that could help us. Maybe someone with the right experience can tell us how long it takes to create those tiles and roughly what costs we should keep in mind for this?

I know this might be a hard question to answer but even a ballpark would help me!

Thanks guys!

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26/07/2018 at 13:33

Hello ! I never tried making tiles, but I think you can tried some way to do them but like 5 by 5 (or more).
I let workspace mans makes you products if you really don’t have the time. You can check this map : http://map.preciousplastic.com
This map reference lot of people which want to get start, can build machines or makes plastics creations.
So if you really don’t have time I propose you 2 ways :
– Ask a machine builder to make you machines (shredder and oven one)
– Ask a workspace to make you lot of tiles
But I think this 2 ways are expensives.

You could also make you the Oven Machine, I find it very easy to build it and very cheap.
So You just have to buy plastic flake 😉

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