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Current Version 4 development – index

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Current Version 4 development – index

05/02/2019 at 16:02


Version 4 development index


In this topic Precious Plastic shows a clear index overview of all projects currently in development directly contributing to the Version 4 process.


The Topics are:

Shredder development

Sheet press development

Extrusion development

Washing system

Beyond Plastic – bio plastic

New web platform

Also in the process we have:




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05/02/2019 at 20:08

hey, how’s the shredder going? , seems you need help with that (at least that was said in video) and you asked for volunteers coming to Eindhoven. We started developing a new shredder, dual – axle, gear transmission, may be we can do this via remote as you don’t have the real gear in your workshop (engine lathe, mill). let us know please soon, we intent to offer shredders soon too. thanks and greats, g

05/02/2019 at 21:25

@thomasthefirst, Thank you for posting this index. Maybe it can be made a sticky at the top of the page so it is easy to find.

One topic that touches on all of these is testing or how do you know you’ve succeeded. This may be where an outreach to a university may be most helpful. Mechanical test coupons for the materials you generate are simple to make and the tests themselves are standardized and can be compared to acceptable values. If a university could offer to provide the testing (it is not difficult or expensive) then each of these projects would have an objective way to evaluate improvements. This is especially true for the washing project where it may be hard to assess what is clean enough. Similarly techniques for detecting voids in the panels without cutting them up may be useful in developing the press design and process.

10/02/2019 at 17:20


We have a Lathe, manual milling and cnc milling machine. For the shredder development please get in contact with Friedrich currently working on this subject.

Thank you for your response. This is totally true and a good approach. We are in contact with the technical Univerity in Delft, but we would really like to get in contact with people specialised in ‘oven building’ , ‘shredder’ expertises etc. Then we can also do feedback sessions through skype. Let us know through the index links!

11/02/2019 at 02:33

@thomasthefirst I am happy to hear you have reached out to academia. You have an enthusiastic team developing machines, some of which get involved in fairly complex processes. You also have an enthusiastic army starting to build and use the machines. The safety discussion should be addressed, hopefully task 3.3 (increase safety) can be started up. Unfortunately that task requires specialty planning, engineering, and sophisticated measurements. A technical university is well equipped to address this. They should see the benefit of the PP mission and offer you some resources and consulting. It would be great to have a safety section in the PP manual.

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