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Data for industrial designer to create product

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Kevin MERIC silentkevin

Data for industrial designer to create product

02/04/2019 at 22:01

Hello there,

I wonder if you guys have a document with all the data that the different machines can produce. By data, I mean the diameter and shape of the different extruders, the thickness and size of the different flat sheets you produce etc.

The idea is to create a library that industrial designer, like me, can use to design objects in CAD and then ask a precious plastic workshop to produce the objects via the CAD data and drawings.

I would like to participate in the project but I have no precious plastic community around me. Designers could then come up with a design remotely and work with a workshop to produce and refine the product. We could create factories in a way.

We could also think of it like a Lego library. Different designers could create parts that fits together or assemble to create different products.

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03/04/2019 at 11:29

there is no component, machine or mold library planned at the moment. For machine throughout, power,etc please try search the forum. There are quite some complete reports but hard to find back.

03/04/2019 at 16:00

Well that’s not what I asked for.

I want to know the dimensions of the parts produced by the machines. Not what the machines are made of.

For example, the flat sheet press produces flat sheet. I want to know the size of the flat sheet ( width, length, thickness). Can they do different thicknesses ? Different length ?

All the data of the parts that come out of the different machines. Somebody has this data, Precious Plastic build the machines.

I look at the forum but it is not easy to find things.

03/04/2019 at 16:13

for the injection : it depends on the mold, no ? the max. shot size for the injection is 25-26 mm diameter and around 40 cm length. the extrusion machine can extrude up 20 mm diameter but not entirely sure, there are also quite a few modifications around.

sheet press : there’s no official machine being released yet. i know most folk use a pizza oven which can heat about 1.20m by 90cm. thickness depends also on your mold/press capacities.

if you’re familiar with CAD software, you can open in Fusion-360 each machine, the files are in the download kit.

you can also ‘follow’ all the PP folks on instagram to get an idea, 90% all relative small objects. as soon you have something specific on mind, you may decide to build a machine better suited for the job, happens quite a lot in this ‘handcraft’


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