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Datacentroid project – Modular computer system

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Datacentroid project – Modular computer system

22/09/2015 at 19:48

My name is Danilo E. Fonseca, I am an inventor and entrepreneur. My team and I are working on the next great consumer product and we decided to share our project with you.

Based on a flexible, modular hardware design, DataCentroid has created an innovative computing product consisting of multiple independent hardware devices working as a coherent singular unit. By combining the following patents #6660950, #8195625, the DataCentroid project allows users to create a unique and personal tool to meet all their computing and Internet related services with a high confidence of privacy, control and data security.

I hope you find our project interesting and we welcome any comments or suggestions!

Danilo E. Fonseca
(817) 891-3334

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10/11/2015 at 04:19

I was asked for more details so here you go… Funny! Acer Revo build looks just like the Datacentroid project.

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