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Dave! Where did you get YOUR shredder parts??

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David daveinpanama

Dave! Where did you get YOUR shredder parts??

12/04/2017 at 01:01

Hi Dave! It seems that people all over the world are having trouble finding shops with the appropriate metal-cutting facilities that are willing to do the work of cutting these parts for one recycler at a time. But you obviously found a local shop where live because you have a video of yourself opening the box and joyously assembling the parts! So… perhaps your source would be willing to fabricate parts for the rest of us??
David from Florida living in Panama

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21/08/2017 at 16:53

My name is François and I live half in France and half in Malta.
I spend all July in finding a metal work company in Gozo (Malta), now it is the 21th of August and after many fails (everybody is too busy for that) I finally found a nice guy who suggested me to go to the main island to find a builder but he told me it will cost me a lot of money. I raised 700€ and even with that he told me it is not be enough to build the shredder. So it is not a piece of cake in Malta. Maybe I would better to make the parts in France… And I would like to know if someone would be ok to sell for a reasonable price the main parts of the shredder.
Hugs from Gozo!

22/08/2017 at 09:57

Hey @daveinpanama!
To answer your question: Dave ordered his sets at the http://247tailorsteel.com/
(More information in where to source your parts topic).

AND the precious plastic team even ordered one mixed set via my group orders as well to test it out (see link above, thank you @ashrak).

This is only possible with shipping within the EU though.
So you can either find a delivery address in the EU,
OR reach out to @dreek00 / have a look at the topic [USA] Company Making Shredder parts – that’s at least a little bit more local 🙂

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