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Difficulty assembling shredder

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Difficulty assembling shredder

20/05/2019 at 01:31

So, I’ve got all the parts cut. They were cut using a plasma cutter, which is at least part of my issue, but I’ve filed down the parts that wouldn’t fit. However, I’ve run into issues getting everything correctly aligned and square. The primary issue is that the blades at the end run into the bolt head keeping the bearings attached, and I do not have any extra spacers to remedy this. I could thread the hole, but I’d also likely need to thread the bearing hole as well. Another option is to double up some blades in the middle, and take that spacer and move it down. Am I missing something? Is there a set of actual instructions for assembly, or does someone have some tips?

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21/05/2019 at 12:13


You need to counter sink the holes on the inside and use countersunk bolts, this will then be flush to the side and not catching the knives

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