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Digital Fabrication Hub Kasulu

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Ed ebk1960

Digital Fabrication Hub Kasulu

25/07/2018 at 12:07

Hello All,

We’re working with a  female-led waste picker group, operating as a registered cooperative, located in Kasulu Town, Kigoma District, NW Tanzania. This cooperative have the rights to collect waste, including plastic in Kasulu town waste dump from Kasulu Town Council.

We’re looking to fund a complete set of Precious Plastic machine tools and train these lady waste picker cooperative members in how to use the machine tools.

We’re now looking at developing a business model based on a innovative start-up funding model. This model will use crypto-currency tokens, and where all project set up costs will be directly funded through donated tokens by investors.

The ‘tokenomics’ for this and other local community services is currently being incubated through a London based, UK start up. I’m a Director of this company and we have identified investors willing to donate a percentage of their tokens.

What we’re looking for now is collaborators who would help us design this social funding model for several vertical markets for community benefit, then  help us buy/build the machines, ship them down to Tanzania and across the country to Kasulu Town, install, test and initially operate them and then help to train the cooperative waste picker workers in their use.

The near term goal is to also offer plastic part contracts to give the Kasulu Digital Hub a good start in life. So, we’ll need to get Product Designers on board as well.
We need to design a number of plastic parts e.g. a plastic casing for a solar lamp for children to study at night (fully funded by the token) and also second-life spare plastic parts for electric quad bikes as part of a Community Mobility Service to be introduced in2020.

All parts would be made to order by the waste cooperative using the Precious Plastic machine toolset, with the start-up batch would being fully funded by donated tokens from our investors.

All the Precious Plastic tools needing power would have access to a solar array on the roof of the donated shipping container and this would charge up around 150 donated ZipSwarm portable battery packs using ‘second-life’ 18650 batteries.

The DFH-Kasulu Project already has Pro Bono legal support for the project from A4ID

Happy to hear from anyone interested to get involved with the following skillsets:

1. Business modeling for the Kasulu Digital Fabrication Hub
2. Engineering experience with Precious Plastic machine building
2. Skills in solar installation (for installation of solar on roof of shipping container)
3. Product Designers with CAD experience to assist with the design of the Solar Lamp plastic casing and, casing for the ZipSwarm battery pack and plastic parts for the ZipATEV (All Terrain Electric Vehicle) e.g. mud guards, seat cover, panniers, centre console, etc
4. Business modelling for Tokenomics for social good.
5. Project Management and logistics expertise.
6. General skills in construction, site clearing, ground work, etc.


Digital Fabrication Hub Kasulu Project

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19/03/2019 at 11:29

Hi Ed,

I’m a 3D CAD designer.
Let me know if you need anything.

[email protected]

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