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Dirty Plastic

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Sagar Sharma sharma-sagar

Dirty Plastic

18/12/2016 at 17:49

So i recently talked to a social enterprise that promotes Eco-sensitive products through socially sensitive means called E-coexist (wonderful people do check them out) and they discussed a problem that they are facing is that people use dustbin liners which are usually very thin and then fill up all their wet and greasy kitchen waste in it, which makes it difficult to recycle the plastic. Is there a way to tackle this problem in an economic way?

Also while making any of the products with Dave’s machines is is a good idea to mix 2 or more different kinds of plastic, cause it is difficult to identify and seperate different plastic?

how to recycle thin polythene bags? (usually below 40 microns)

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19/12/2016 at 01:43

Plastic washing machines have been looked at by Dave and some rough prototypes can be seen.

As far as using 2 plastics you’re going to have 2 different sets of properties and melting points. HDPE and PET are both extremely common. HDPE is very forgiving with temperatures with a fairly low melting point and fairly high burning point. PET however has a very small range melting and burning points not very far apart. I say try your best based on properties and common usage to separate them; it may not be right 100% of the time but if you have 1 bit of PET in your 10,000 bits of HDPE you should be fine.

The only thing I’ve found so far with plastic bags is cutting them and fusing them into a long strip to be crocheted into mats.

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19/02/2017 at 21:02

@sharma-sagar @snowpoff
you can recycle thin PE bags by taking multiple ones, melt them in the oven so you have one piece and then shred it (I think) 😀

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22/04/2017 at 11:12

Talk about how to recycle plastic bag, i could tell you the way of my country. They wash dirty bag by water and melted it to pellet shape, with this recycle masterbatch you can make everything make from PE, inculding making back to Plastic bag (Blowing film then cut, seal to bag)

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