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Do i need an adapter or something?


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edmund davey edmundd

Do i need an adapter or something?

23/04/2019 at 17:57

i bought a shredder and motor from two different venders. Everything seems fine except the shaft coming from the shredder sits in the dive rather loosely. did i forget to order something? I know little to nothing when it comes to electric motors any help would be greatly appreciated.

thank you

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23/04/2019 at 22:06

yeah, you need a ‘drive shaft‘, mostly custom turned in any machine shop, on the lathe, as well a key way, 1-2 hours billed = 50 – 100 $ and ‘couplings’ with a perfect fit, see McMaster, count on another 100 – 200 $ for those. make sure it’s aligned BEST as you can. best you can do is to use ‘level’ jacks and a ‘level indicator’ to align both components to each other. the frame is often useless as reference ..

see on youtube for ‘shaft alignment’ or similar. depending on the quality of the couplings, it’s a tedious job, can take many hours, even for professionals. if you don’t do that correctly, you will stress the coupling’s margins to the max and end up with a shaft break and wear out of the couplings.

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