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Don't just say Hello, Let's make it work Indonesia!

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Syah Firmanzz afsyah

Don't just say Hello, Let's make it work Indonesia!

17/05/2016 at 14:48

I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia

Currently I try with my colleague to built first machine. Some part hard to find, Hopefully when its done. it’ll work,

*untuk temen2 Indonesia khususnya Jakarta Greater, mari sharing bareng. yang punya ide atau mungkin bisa join bareng dalam project ini bisa email ke [email protected]

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17/05/2016 at 17:46

Welcome @afsyah

20/05/2016 at 02:09

Please keep Honduras informed. we are soon going to start. thanks

08/08/2016 at 03:15

Hai Afsyah, udah jadi belum mesinnya. Mau dong lihat penampakannya. Kalau belum, ada kendala yg bisa di share di sini? Thanks.

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